A Welcome to ALx (Re)Coded

“Maybe you should start a blog…oh you just missed the exit!” – The Spouse

The quote above is a snippet of a conversation between my husband and me as we were going to order some new glasses. I’m years behind on having a professional/personal site…and even further behind on having a blog.

But, after must futzing around with settings and domain names and all that other stuff—including a quick trip to take out the dog—it’s time to get started on the first blog post. This is, of course, despite the need to still figure out how to render my CV on this platform and how to make it look prettier. Let’s start with just a general introduction to how I’ll be using this space.

Recently, there has been a growing call for higher education professionals to make their work more publicly accessible. For some, this may mean making their work available outside of the typically profit driven conference and mainstream journal venues through publishing in open access journals. For others, this means attempting to re-figure themselves into public academics—ones that make their work not only more widely available in distribution, but that also try to make their work more accessible to the non-specialist. This blog will be one space where I try to do just that. I’ll be doing this through posting on a variety of topics related to my professional practice—teaching and scholarship, mostly.

Future posts may attempt to represent applied linguistics research in a more accessible way. I’ll try to do this through seeking to ask what does this mean for teachers, students, or the public? Or, through making my cognition about the matter public through a reflective blog post. Future posts will also discuss my teaching experiences and my reflections on them. Occasionally, I may post something more personal as I reflect on what it means to be a global educator—said another way, reflecting on the current situation where I work in one country and my spouse works in another.

If there’s a topic related to language or language learning that you’d like to see me talk about here, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch.

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