A Brief Look Ahead: Week of 6 Feb 2017

We’ve reached the end of the week. I’m back in Shanghai, back at the office, and working through some insane jet lag—hence the posting at seemingly odd hours relative to local time.

I’ve decided to offer a brief preview of the discussion thread for next week’s posts. I’m excited about this one because it touches on my personal research interests, as well as some of my administrative experiences from when I was in charge of the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). So, this week I’m going to be looking at some recent research on working with second language (L2) writers in online environments. On Monday, I’m going to talk about student’s impressions of and attitudes towards online feedback, by responding to a 2015 article by Carola Stroble that appeared in the journal ReCALL. On Wednesday, I’ll be taking a look at Severino and Prim’s article on word choice errors and online tutoring, which appeared in the Writing Center Journal. I’m going to wrap up the week with a discussion on OWLs. This review will be based on three years of experience overseeing one of the world’s oldest and largest OWLs and on my scholarship that has appeared in the Asian EFL Journal, and that was presented as a plenary at the European Writing Center Association conference last year.

If you have any ideas for future updates, feel free to reach out to me anytime by using the contact form.

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