A Look Ahead: Week of 21 February 2017

The new semester has started up at NYU Shanghai, and I’m not elbows deep in teaching our new first-year composition course, Writing as Inquiry. I’m also working on some scientific writing projects—I’ll try to share some of that labor here, so check back regularly.

All of that to say, L2 writing issues and teaching L2 writers is at the forefront of my mind. So, I’ve decided that for next week, I’ll be talking about the modes of persuasion—ethos, pathos, and logos—and my approach to teaching it in the L2 writing classroom. I’m going to start with talking about ethos with a “From the Archives” entry. Then, I’ll move to logos on Wednesday and pathos on Friday. In each of these, I’ll include some updated research perspective from L2 writing as well as my personal pedagogical approach.

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