IAWE 2017 Session 6: S. Li “The NS English in ELT: A Study on EFL Stakeholders’ Perceptions in China”

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Native-speakerism has infiltrated English language teaching, especially in the outer circle, where parents and administrators desire native speaker teachers; “authentic” mainstream materials from American and British publishers are preferred; and, western pedagogies are valued.

5:03: I wonder what this has to say about the continued expansion of Sino-X joint venture universities in the Mainland. Can it be seen as a telelogical end of native-speakerism? A government-sanctioned attempt at creating something new that will fulfill a new market niche? Or, something else?

It’s far more adventageous to learn English from a person that comes from an inner-circle country because they have more command over the pronunciation, idiomatic expression, and the grammar.

5:10: Understand that this is not a comment that the researcher is advocating for, but rather a respondent’s justification for prefering native speaker teachers. To me, this is problematic. While native speakers are often very accurate grammartically, we’re often shite at explaining it to others, with the exception, of course, of those of us out there that are excited by syntax and grammar/mechanics courses and problems (I am not one). Second language users of a language tend to be much more effective at explaining how a grammar works because they have struggled through internalizing it, and because they have often been explicitly taught the grammar. While the world Englishes paradigm can help trouble “whose/which” English grammar, I wonder what would need to be done to disabuse individuals of this aspect of their native-speakerism.

There’s a strong resistance to textbooks based solely on NS speaker cultures.

5:27: This to me also speakers to the important but over looked role of representation in learning materials. This is why I advocate for queering

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