Supporting Scientific Writing at NYU Shanghai (Closed)

During my graduate study, I was fortunate enough to sit as one of the graduate administrators of the Purdue Online Writing Lab. This position gave me a good foundation in working with professional and technical writing. During my final year at Purdue, I taught a section of first-year composition course for the global engineering program, which meant that I refigured the traditional syllabus to focus more on technical writing and the kinds of writing students in engineering would do throughout their college careers.

Project Introduction

In summer 2016, I was asked by my director if I wouldn’t mind helping out with a project to support writing in the sciences curriculum at NYU Shanghai. I spent much of my fall gathering data through interviews, gathering student samples, delivering writing workshops, and carrying out a small-scale needs analysis. This data became the foundation for content development push that took place throughout spring and summer 2017. Below, you will find a month-by-month update, beginning with February 2017. Where possible, I have attached sample documents of some of the materials being generated. All sample documents are marked as drafts and do not necessarily represent the final product.

June 2017

  • Project Closed (Completion).

May 2017

  • Finalized recitation instructor student-writing commenting guide, available here.
  • Finalized commenting guide 1-sheet, available here.
  • Finalized student scientific writing guide, available here.
  • Finalized annotated lab reports and research reports, available here (lab reports) and here (research reports).
  • Produced sample vidcast introducing students to scientific writing, draft available here.
  • Produced sample vidcast introducing students to the IMRaD organizational pattern in scientific writing, draft available here.
  • Produced sample vidcast introducing students to scientific writing best practices, draft available here.
  • Project sumbmitted to NYU Shanghai Writing Program administration.

April 2017

  • Annotations of sample lab report completed by Academic Fellow Borja.
  • Script and PPT Deck for vidcast lecture on the basics of scientific writing completed and under review.
  • Vidcast lecture preproduction commenced.

March 2017

  • Drafted “Commenting on Student Writing 1-Sheet” for recitation instructors.
  • Drafted “Scientific Communication Guide” for students (with Academic Fellow Borja).
  • Delegated drafting of annotated sample papers to Academic Fellow Borja.

February 2017

  • Drafted content development outline.
  • Drafted table of deliverables.
  • Drafted development schedule.
  • Drafted “Commenting on Student Writing Guide” for recitation instructors.