Refereed Articles


Expanding the writing center: A theoretical and practical toolkit for starting an online writing lab. TESL-EJ.


Queering ESL Teaching: Issues of Teacher Training and Materials Creation. TESOL Journal (Forthcoming). Early View accessible here.

Uses of and attitudes towards OWLs as L2 writing support tools. Asian EFL Journal19(1), 56-80. Accessible here.


A call to queer L2 writing. SLW News: The Newsletter of the Second Language Writing Interest Section. October, 2016. Accessible here.


Over the monochrome rainbow: Heteronormativity in ESL reading texts and textbooks, an exploratory study. Journal of Language and Sexuality. 4(1), 78-102. Abstract accessible here.

Book Editing

Silva, T., Wang, J., Zhang, C., & Paiz, J.M. (eds.) (2016). L2 writing in the global context: Represented, underrepresented, and unrepresented voices. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Other Publishing Activity


Disciplinary literacy and the acquisition of professional identity: Professional writing at a Sino-American joint-venture university. In International Conference on English for Specific Purposes Conference Handbook (pp. 18-34). Taipei, Taiwan: Soochow University.


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Publications in Preparation or Under Review

Queer Bodies, Queer Lives in China English Contact Literature. Co-authored with Anthony Comeau, Junhan Zhu, Jingyi Zhang, and Anges Santiano. In Preparation.

Queering the Classroom: A Teacher’s Decision and a Student’s Response. Co-authored with Junhan Zhu. Under Review.

Queering Practice: Diversity and Inclusion in English Language Teaching. Currently Under Revision (2nd round review).

Review of Assessing English on the Global Stage: The British council and English Language Testing 1941-2016. C.J. Weir & B. O’Sullivan, Equinox Publishing, Bristol, CT. (2017). LinguistList.

Guest Blogging


Getting acquainted with flipped learning in TESOL. ELT Research Bites. Accessible here.

Is Flipped Learning Really Worth the Trouble? Or, Flipped Learning and Learning Gains in the ESL/EFL Context. ELT Research Bites. Accessible here.

What Do Students Think about Automated Grammar Tools?. ELT Research Bites. Accessible here.

Taking Another Look at Student Perceptions of Automated Writing Evaluators (AWEs): The Case of a Sino-British Joint Venture. ELT Research Bites. Accessible here.

Silva’s “On the Ethical Treatment of L2 Writers”: Still Very Relevant. ELT Research Bites. Accessible here.