Refereed Articles


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Uses of and attitudes towards OWLs as L2 writing support tools. Asian EFL Journal19(1), 56-80. Accessible here.


A call to queer L2 writing. SLW News: The Newsletter of the Second Language Writing Interest Section. October, 2016. Accessible here.


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Book Editing

Silva, T., Wang, J., Zhang, C., & Paiz, J.M. (eds.) (2016). L2 writing in the global context: Represented, underrepresented, and unrepresented voices. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Book Reviews and Annotated Bibliographies


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Publications in Preparation or Under Review

Queer Bodies, Queer Lives in China English Contact Literature. Co-authored with Anthony Comeau, Junhan Zhu, Jingyi Zhang, and Anges Santiano. In Preparation.

Expanding the Writing Center: The Case for Online Writing Labs in the EFL Context. Under Review.

Queering the Classroom: A Teacher’s Decision and a Student’s Response. Co-authored with Junhan Zhu. Under Review.