Selected Presentations

Invited Presentations


Personalized professional development: An EduMatch panel discussion. Moderated by R. Sampson, Ph.D. Fairfax, Virginia.

Creating welcoming classrooms: Diversity and inclusion in teaching. Panel presentation as part of the Teaching & Lunching Conversation Hour. Presented with S. Francis and I. Hseih. Shanghai, China.

Queer Voices in Academia: Politics, Ethics, and Education. Panel
discussion as part of the Queer and Ally Society Special Events. Presented
with A. Pandavar. Moderate by Clay Shirkey. Shanghai, China.


Extending the writing center: Online writing labs as sites of engagement and student learning. Keynote address presented at the 2016 European Writing Centers Association Conference, Łodz, Poland.


Extending identity theory in applied linguistics: A sociocognitive perspective on professional identity. Invited lecture for the ESL Graduate Organization of Purdue University. West Lafayette, Indiana.

Online writing labs & L2 writing: A curriculum design perspective. Invited lecture for ENGL 515 Curriculum Design at Purdue University. West Lafayette, Indiana.


Encouraging the growth of OWLs worldwide: Utilizing intercultural rhetoric to inform best practices. Plenary address presented at the 8th Intercultural Rhetoric and Discourse Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.


Conference across borders: Organizing the SSLW 2013 in Jinan, China. Invited lecture for the ESL Graduate Organization of Purdue University. Presented with T. Silva and C. Zhang. West Lafayette, Indiana.

Conference and Symposium Presentations


Disciplinary literacy and professional identity: Professional writing at a Sino-American joint-venture university. Presented at the 2017 International English for Specific Purposes Conference, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Queer bodies, queer lives in China English. Presented at the 22nd Conference of the International Association of World Englishes. Presented with A. Comeau, J. Zhang, J. Zhu, and A. Santiano. Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.


Queering ELT. Presented at the 8th International Conference on TESOL. Shantou University, Shantou, China.


UxD and online writing labs: Meeting the needs of a changing global audience. Computers & Writing Conference. Presented with T. Conard-Salvo, A. Yim, and C. Spronk. Menomonie, WI

Normative sexual identity options in ESL reading texts. Lavender Language and Linguistics Conference, Washington, D.C.


Encouraging OWLs to grow: Content development best practices. Symposium on Second Language Writing. Tempe, Arizona.

Soaring into the Future: The Purdue OWL and supporting the next generation of writers. East-Central Writing Centers Association Conference. Presented with T. Conard-Salvo and C. Spronk. Miami, Ohio.

Expanding audiences for online writing labs: OWLs in the English as a foreign language context. CCCC. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Online writing labs: Resources for second language writers. TESOL Developer’s Showcase. Presented with G. Gherwash. Portland, Oregon.


Hor, what a hot Ah Beng: Queer identities in contact literatures. International Association of World Englishes as part of the “Centrifugal forces and policies/politics: From constructing the queer to facing the nation and points in between” panel. Presented with M. Berns, A. Kasztalska, S. Thomas, C. Zhang, K. Belmihoub, and G. Gherwash. Tempe, Arizona.

Constructing the queer in contact literatures. Indiana TESOL conference as part of the “Current issues in world Englishes” panel. Presented with M. Berns, A. Kasztalska, S. Thomas, C. Zhang, K. Belmihoub, and G. Gherwash. Indianapolis, Indiana.

OWLs across borders: An exploratory study of the place of online writing labs in EFL context. Symposium on Second Language Writing. Jinan, China.

Over the monochrome rainbow: A quantitative examination of heteronormativity in ESL reading texts and textbooks. American Association of Applied Linguists Conference (Poster). Houston, Texas.

An OWL abroad: A descriptive study of OWL use in the EFL context. East-Central Writing Centers Association Conference. Clarion, Pennsylvania.


Life in Mai Gdya: An ESL Writing Simulation. North American Simulation and Gaming Conference. Columbus, Ohio.

Simulation-games: Driving communicative competence. International Conference of Teachers of English and Administrators. Montevideo, Uruguay.


Simulation-gaming for language learning: A very “real” solution to a very “abstract” problem. LACUS. Toledo, Ohio.

Examining the effects of L1 & L2 use for idea generation on perceived final essay quality for Japanese ESL writers. Indiana TESOL Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.


Emergent technologies and fostering sociolinguistic competence. Ohio TESOL Convention. Columbus, Ohio.

Let’s stop teaching ESL students to sound foreign. Ohio TESOL Convention. Presented with D.W. Coleman. Columbus, Ohio.

Examining the effects of L1 use during the invention stage of writing in the ESL classroom. Academic Literacies Symposium. Indiana, Pennsylvania.