Institutional Service

Faculty Senator. NYU/NYU Shanghai (Current)

Global Network University Committee. New York University (Current)

Personnel Policies and Contract Issues Committee. New York University (Current)

Faculty Library Advisory Group. NYU Shanghai (Current)

NYU Shanghai Writing Program Identity Committee. NYU Shanghai (Current)

Faculty Mentor. NYU Shanghai Global Academic Fellows Program

Writing Diagnostic Designer and Analyst (gMSW). NYU Shanghai

Advisor for Writing in the Sciences. NYU Shanghai

Faculty Reviewer. NYU Shanghai Recognition Awards

Chair. Academic Program and Events Sub-committee

Sample Course Instructor. NYU Shanghai Candidate Weekend

NYU Shanghai EAP/Writing Program Linkages Working Group

Guest Editor. Purdue Writing Lab. Alumni Annotations

Syllabus Approach Leader. Introductory Composition at Purdue

American Language Institute Curriculum Review Committee

Disciplinary Service

Reviewer. TESOL Journal.

Reviewer. Asian EFL Journal.

Reviewer. TESL-EJ

Invited Reviewer. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education

Contributor. ELT Research Bites.

Invited Discussant. European Writing Centers Association’s “Corrective feedback best practices: Online and offline commenting.”

Special Advisor on TESOL. Jiliguala (叽里呱啦).

Chapter Reviewer. Handbook of Spanish as a Heritage/Minority Language, K. Potowski (ed.).

Co-assistant Chair. Symposium on Second Language Writing

Chapter Reviewer. Theorizing and Analyzing Agency in Second Language Learning: Interdisciplinary Approaches, P. Deters, X. Gao, E.R., Miller, and G. Vitanova (eds.).

Conference Local Host. LACUS.