Intermediate 1 Reading and Writing Syllabus

Spring 2011 Intermediate 1 Reading & Writing Syllabus

The above link will take you to the Spring 2011 version of the syllabus for my Intermediate 1 Reading and Writing Course, offered at the American Language Institute at the University of Toledo. Spring 2011 was final term teaching Intermediate 1 Reading & Writing, as I switched over to Intermediate 2 Reading & Writing for Summer 2011 Terms 1 and 2.

Design Rationale

This is a unique course because I didn’t have much agency in designing it, at first. The reasons for this are two-fold. First, the American Language Institute, or A.L.I., is an intensive English program (IEP) with variable enrollments. Because of this, they tend to make use of on-demand, part-time, adjunct labor. This means that teachers may not know what, or even if, they are teaching until just a few days before the term. To help offset potential issues in course design and delivery, the A.L.I. has a common syllabus for each course at each level that allows teachers to pick up the syllabus and to begin running class. Second, I was a new teacher at the time. I had only been teaching for about a year; so, I was still very much an early service teacher. Also, teaching for the A.L.I. was my first time teaching reading. This added structure was, at the time much appreciated.

That being said, the sample syllabus here does represent some personalization in the selection of the extensive readers, which I picked to cover as many possible interests as possible. And, many of the classroom management policies are mine, although they may be couched in the language and ethos of the A.L.I. Finally, this syllabus reflects my wish to have a reading/writing course that treats these as two complementary skills that feed each other and that facilitate growth in each other.